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Are your patients not getting better?

Are you worried another lock down would close your practice for good?

Is your practice a big headache filled with complicated cases?

What is Quantum Nutrition Testing?

Quantum Nutrition Testing is way to find the CAUSE of your patient's problems from a distance. It is based on muscle testing and applied Kinesiology. It is low cost to implement- you can Quantum Test anywhere and any time! Anyone can learn how to Quantum Test- no special degree or certification required!

Become a

Health Detective.

Stop guessing and start testing!

Learn how to search for the CAUSE of health problems and handle them naturally without drugs or surgeries.


Quantum is for the whole family! Learn how to test for common health problems like parasites, mold poisoning, chemicals, radiation, bacteria, and MORE!

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Meet Dr. Lisa Palmer

Owning the largest holistic nutrition office in the world, serving 500/week with multiple practitioners, Dr. Palmer helps patients heal naturally through a unique, holistic technique called Quantum Nutrition Testing.

This technique was developed by Dr. Palmer during the pandemic, when her father was alone in the hospital with no visitation allowed.

Through Quantum Testing she was able to determine how to help her father and then decided to help people asking for help from all over the world. QNT uses whole food supplements, herbs, homeopathy, and carbon technology to rebalance the body and allow the body to heal naturally.

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A Sneak Peek into Quantum Nutrition Testing (QNT)

Wednesday, July 17th at 8pm EST

Do you want to learn more about Quantum Nutrition Testing?

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  • 1 Hour FREE LIVE Webinar with Dr. Lisa Palmer, QNT Founder
  • Connect with other healers in the QNT Community
  • Learn about what Quantum Nutrition Testing is
  • Learn how to start a business as a health coach with Quantum Nutrition Testing
  • Learn how to add telehealth to your new or existing practice
  • Learn how this one cash service can double your practice
  • A Sneak Peek into the QNT Academy
  • A Sneak Peek into the Level I, Level II and Level III LIVE Classes
  • A Sneak Peek into QNT for Pets
  • A Sneak Peek into Quantum Leap December 13th-15th!

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 Accelerate Your Practice With Cellcore's Game Changing Products!

Wednesday, July 10th at 8pm EST

  • 1 Hour FREE LIVE Webinar with Dr. Lisa Palmer, Dr. Lauren, and Shannon Boucher
  • Strategies for integrating Cellcore Products into both in-person and virtual practices
  • Success stories and real case studies highlighting the benefits of Cellcore
  • What's working now to grow your practice and get new patients
  • Opportunity to ask questions and get personalized advice from our amazing practice owners and natural healthcare experts during a Q&A Session!

Quantum Leap into Health Event 2024! 

December 13th-15th in Orlando, Florida

Join us for the greatest event to transform your knowledge and growth in natural healthcare professionally, personally and financially with speakers that will inspire you and give you the cutting edge data to revolutionize your practice and elevate your life!

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Join the Quantum Nutrition Online Academy 

Here you will get access to the Quantum Nutrition Online Academy where you will find

  • Weekly access to Dr. Lisa Palmer via MEMBERS ONLY Clinical Coaching + Q&A Live Sessions
  • Level I QNT Training Videos, watch as we walk you through each step of QNT
  • Watch the videos over and over again until you have certainty
  • QNT Paperwork including New Patient Paperwork, Report of Findings, Membership models, and more
  • Patient friendly reports to explain the CAUSES of your patient's problems
  • Use our customizable templates for your office including patient education handouts
  • The best supplements and gems on their use

It's all waiting for you! 

Academy Members Only 

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Learn How to Quantum Nutrition Test LIVE!

  • Do you want to learn a holistic technique to help your patients naturally?

  • Join us in this LIVE, Hands-On Seminar! 

  • Learn to Quantum Nutrition Test right away!

  • Distance Testing/Telehealth is featured in this class

  • How to muscle test with certainty from Beginners to Advanced Practitioners

  • You will learn the CAUSE of patients' health problems,  what to do to help them, and the best products to help them with!    

  • Learn how to help your friends, family, and patients improve their health naturally.

BONUS #1: Complimentary QNT Health Check

BONUS #2: Tour of Dr. Palmer's Office


Level I LIVE:

August 23-24, 2024

These classes are held in Lake Mary, Florida

Reserve your spot now!

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Join us for Quantum Nutrition Testing Advanced: Level II!

This is a LIVE, Hands-On Quantum Nutrition Testing Seminar in Florida!

  • Deeper testing of tricky parasites, chemicals, metals and MORE

  • Crashing cases—My 14 Reasons why cases get worse

  • What to do when products don’t test 

  • What happens from the first time a patient enters the office to the end of the membership

  • Light weight, easy to ship product line that is recession proof

  • How to handle “Energy Vampires"

  • Autism, vaccine injury, and Spectrum cases

  • Dental: amalgams, root canals, bridges, implant handling

BONUS #1: INCLUDES New QNT Advanced Tools to help you dig deeper

BONUS #2: Inspiring Guest Speakers that you will only find at Level II

You must have graduated from Level I LIVE to attend


2024 Dates ARE HERE!

Level II LIVE:

 July 19-20, 2024

October 4-5, 2024

These classes are held in Lake Mary, Florida

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Level III LIVE - Wellness! 

  November 15-16, 2024

Level III, Two Day, Hands-On Quantum Nutrition Testing Seminar in Florida!

You must have graduated from Level I and II LIVE to attend

Reserve your spot now and save $100!


QNT for Pets

You learned how to Quantum Test humans, now it's time to take care of our furry friends! Joining our QNT for Pets class will equip you with the skills you need to be able to care for your pet in the best possible way.

  • The power of natural healing for pets
  • Quantum test pets head to tail from a distance and in person
  • Protect your pets from harmful toxins
  • Holistic pet care 101
  • Add another service to your practice

BONUS: LIVE Class only "Q" Tools to help you dig deeper and streamline testing

BONUS #2: Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Barbara Fox, Special Guest Speaker on How to Make a Homemade Pet Food Diet, Essential Oils for Pets, and Vaccine Titers

September 13-14, 2024

Two day, hands on classes held in Lake Mary, Florida

QNT Level I LIVE is a prerequisite


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