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QNT for Pets LIVE Class in Lake Mary, Florida!

2 Day LIVE Holistic Animals In-Person and Telehealth Testing, Hands-On, Class!

Learn How to Help Pets Get Better Naturally

September 13th-14th in Lake Mary, Florida


Do you want to learn how to test your pets for health issues?

Do you want to help your pet be at their very best?

Do you want to help extend your pets life and save on expensive vet bills, lab tests and imaging?

Do you want to add another service to your practice?


Join us LIVE for QNT for Pets! Pre-sign up for early bird pricing! Classes will sell out!


QNT for Pets LIVE Class: $995 $895

Save $100 with early bird pricing!


What you'll get:

  • Quantum test pets head to tail with this two day, hands-on class

  • Quantum test pets in-person and from a distance

  • Add another service, Pets, to your practice. Expand your skill set and attract a new clientele by offering this sought-after service

  • Gain expertise in identifying and addressing common dog problems like skin problems, ear troubles, constant itching, diarrhea, parasites, dental issues, obesity and more

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge to tackle common cat problems like respiratory, urinary, scratching, parasites, poor coat condition, food intolerances and more

  • Become the go to expert in dog and cat well-being in your area and beyond

  • Quantum test your pets' foods to determine the best choices for their unique needs

  • Ensure that pets are receiving the nutrition they deserve for a long and healthy life

  • Quantum test pet rashes and find the root causes and solutions that can help

  • Quantum test stubborn pet fur issues and discover effective solutions

  • Learn about pet energy and how to help behavioral issues

  • Solve mystery pet cases 

  • Become a detective in the world of pet care and provide answers where others couldn't  

BONUS: Special exclusive Q Tool just for Pets!

BONUS: September 13th-14th QNT Pets Special Guest Speaker

Dr. Barbara Fox, Holistic Veterinarian

You don't want to miss this! 

Br. Barbara Fox will be speaking at QNT for Pets on April 19th-20th and doing a special presentation on essential oils with animals, species appropriate diet and vaccine exemptions for our furry friends.

Come learn:

  • How oils affect not only the physical body but the spiritual and emotional effects of them
  • Proper application of oils
  • How to use oils with animal patients
  • About the dangers of commercially-processed food
  • Why it's important to feed a species appropriate diet 
  • How to read pet food labels
  • What ingredients to avoid
  • How to prepare a simple, homemade pet food diet
  • How to incorporate supplements into a pet's diet
  • Vaccine exemptions for our furry friends


Please note that attendance at QNT for Pets requires prior graduation from QNT Level I LIVE. You can sign up for this class at any time but you must have Graduated from QNT Level I LIVE before attending QNT for Pets.



September 13-14, 2024

Register now, save $100 and secure your spot in our LIVE Class! 


You must be certified in QNT Level I to attend QNT For Pets