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Level I Bundle: QNT Academy and LIVE Class! Sign up and Save!

What's Included:

QNT Academy Membership for 12 Months


Level I LIVE Seminar, 2 Day, Hands-On Class


Total Value: $1,783

Your Investment: $1550

(Save $233 when you purchase the bundle!)


PRO TIP!  Dr. Palmer Recommends:

1. Studying Level I Online before arriving for Level I LIVE!

2. After the class, re-watching the Level I content to review for mastery!


What you'll get with the QNT Level I Bundle:

  • 12 Month Membership to the QNT Academy Online Course

  • 12 Months of Weekly Group Coaching Q&A Calls with Dr. Lisa Palmer

  • Ticket to Level I LIVE, 2 Day, Hands-On Training

  • Level I Online Clinical Content access for 1 year

  • Weekly access to Dr. Palmer for 1 year

  • Learn how to Quantum Nutrition Test from advanced muscle testers to beginners with step by step instruction

  • Learn how to find the root causes of Health Problems Online and In-Person

  • Learn how to test for parasites, virus, bacteria, radiation, food sensitivities, mold, and MORE!

  • Learn the most efficient and effective supplements to use

  • Includes special IN-PERSON ONLY Q-Tools to make testing a breeze


The QNT Academy Includes:

  • Online instruction with the founder of Quantum Nutrition Testing, Dr. Lisa Palmer     
  • Weekly access to Dr. Palmer via a members only LIVE session, ask her all your questions! Zoom link can be found in the course!
  • Watch as we walk you through each step of QNT
  • Watch the videos over and over again until you have certainty
  • Use our Customizable Templates for your office
  • Learn How to take a New Patient's QNT History
  • Patient friendly reports to explain the CAUSE of your patient's problems
  • Learn how to manage complicated Lyme's, Fertility,  Auto-immune cases
  • Sneak Peek into our newsletters, FB Lives, and marketing gems
  • The best supplements and gems on their use
  • The QNT Academy is your next step to working with patients through your practice or ours



  • BONUS #1:  All the QNT Paperwork you need

  • BONUS #2: LIVE Q & A Sessions with Dr. Lisa Palmer

  • BONUS #3: Special Training on How to Take a Thorough History

  • BONUS #4: How do you handle patient's food?

  • BONUS #5: What do you do with Lyme's cases

  • BONUS #6: Trouble shooting difficult cases

  • BONUS #7: Advanced Procedures

  • BONUS #8: Full Moon Tips for Parasite Cases

  • BONUS #9: How to Have Healthy Kid Patients

  • BONUS #10: Marketing for your office

  • BONUS #11: Printable Study Sheets for Supplements

  • BONUS #12: QNT Telegram Academy Only Group

  • BONUS #13: First Offer on Level 2 Academy and Special Events!!!


Level I LIVE Includes:

  • Hands on LIVE instruction with the founder of Quantum Nutrition Testing, Dr. Lisa Palmer           
  • Hands on learning of each step of QNT                        
  • How to muscle test with certainty from Beginners to Advanced Practitioners
  • How to find the CAUSE of health problems  without the use of expensive lab tests or imaging       
  • How to test for toxins such as chlorine, glyphosate, fluoride, etc.
  • How to test for heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, arsenic, etc.      
  • How to test for Female Health problems with weight gain, energy, and hormones leading to PMS and menopausal symptoms. 
  • Learn how to test babies, toddlers, kids, and stubborn adults
  • Learn how to identify PARASITES and handle them effectively
  • Understand how to find what household products or foods may be causing problems.
  • Learn to crack difficult cases or mystery cases       
  • Learn how to test for hidden mold and mold poisoning  
  • Learn how to help your friends, family, and patients improve their health naturally.      



BONUS #1:  Complimentary QNT Health Check!

BONUS #2:  See and Tour Dr. Palmer's Office!

BONUS #3: LIVE and In-Person ONLY Q-Tools to make testing a breeze!